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Man About The Office

Teleworking Ted at the office.

Auggh! What a week! I had the Wednesday webcomic all ready to go on Tuesday night, then I forgot to upload it! Then I never checked until Thursday, only to find that Corydon Café was Off Line!!! Augggghhhh! Got that straightened out after a few hours. So now I'm going to be publishing the Friday page late on Friday. Anyhow, my buddy Ted likes to telework instead of showing up at the office. I guess manners are a bit more relaxed at home. Not that you could tell from my office though. Loud belches, lift-the-cheek-wind-breaking, and copious quantities of the F-bomb are normal here. However, I try to hold myself to a higher standard than some of my peers, so I keep the loud belches and farts for the server room. Usually nobody is in there, it's noisy from the huge air conditioning plants, and the ventilation smothers out any stink you can make. The other day I had dropped a big noisy one, it felt great. But when I got back to my desk I couldn't remember if I dropped it BEFORE or AFTER leaving the server room...D'oh!

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