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Bel Air - Fresh Air!

Ted and Suzy go for a fresh air drive in their 61 Chevy Bel Air. As the cinder block swings. Them's the brakes. Ted finds an air-freshener for his Chevrolet.

Hey, what do you think of my 61 Chevy Bel Air? I think I did a decent job getting the "essence" of the car's styling. I had originally sketched the front of a 59 Chevy Bel Air, which I though was quite righteous, but then when I started inking, I noticed the back end actually belonged to a 61 Chevy, so I had to change the front end in panel number 6. D'oh! These old cars were the original low riders, wide and long. Just try to swing a cinder block air freshener in a Smart car! At any rate, I have patents on the Cinder Block Air Freshener ™, so if anyone starts to make these babies, they have to send me the royalties.

1959 Chevrolet Bel Air sketch.
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