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Buddy Holly

Internet web comic about Weezer's Buddy Holly video inluded with the Win95 media.

Alright, let's jump into the Time Travel Machine and turn the dial back a full TWENTY YEARS! This video was included in the "Fun Stuff" folder on Win95 media and shows the band Weezer doing a gig at Arnold's restaurant from the series "Happy Days". Here is a YouTube link to that video.

But the Time Machine says: "Wait a minute, hold the phone! Didn't Happy Days run from 1974 to 1984? And yet the Buddy Holly song was released by Weezer in 1994! How do you bridge those 10 years?"

Turns out the Buddy Holly at Arnold's video was not in any of the Happy Days episodes. This was a clever splicing trick! Here is more information about the Buddy Holly video! So how about that? Turns out there was one good thing about Windows 95 after all!

Cheers and Enjoy!
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