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Fun Fact: Back in the 1980's, since the Dodge Caravan was classified as a "truck", it did not have to meet the more stringent crash safety standards that passenger cars had to conform to. This despite the fact that it was based on the K-Car chassis and it was primarily intended to carry more people than the average car.

Maybe I need to eat my words: Check out this article. At any rate, the numbers listed in that article match what I have experienced with my Chevy Venture. I keep playing truck with it on a regular basis. Hauling furniture, dry-wall, sod, driveway and patio pavers, scrap metal, and general purpose "stuff". So seven passenger capacity minus the driver leaves me with 6 passenger equivalent weight of 900 lbs (average 150 pounds per person), take out the two back rows of seats and now I've got another 150 pounds for just over a half-ton of capacity. I found that hauling 1300 lbs (measured weight) a bit much, but at an even half-ton of cargo she barely comes down on the back springs. So yeah, the Mighty Venture hauls as much as a half-ton Silverado.

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